Riddle #11

Crimson Dance on an iron floor. Hail to the king who commands the horde. Pleasure, permutations, and death for the … More

Riddle #11

Icarus flew too close to the sun, But surely Zeus could have made it undone. Surely Mars could simply stay … More

Riddle #10

Four old generals preside over a map. One eager to begin the year’s first attack. Another seeks to halt the … More

Riddle #9

There’s a breach in the gate that needs sewing, As invaders flood in for plunder and pillage. The garrison feverishly … More

Riddle #7

The doctor will say I’m sick Seeing specters from the past. Enjoying their company while it lasts Widow’s web holding … More

Riddle #6

Tempos tempered to focus the fight. Crystal control, critical clarity. Tunnels teeming on overdrive for flight. Peripheral portals, prone and … More

Riddle #5

Countless fathers watching endless sons. Passing fault and nobility by blood. Distance for the coming of age. Find a cadence … More

Riddle #3

These characters spill across pages. A terror creeping in stages. First a friend, An ally staving the end. Entertaining petty … More

Riddle #2

Cast is the die that fuels this fire. Hiding in holes to plot and conspire. Young, naïve, blissfully inspired. Orchestrating … More