“Sorry to Bother You” Review

Starting as a standard blue collar struggle, “Sorry to Bother You” is a film continually ramping up its level of weirdness. It functions well until dwelling just a tad too long in the end  on the absurdity it weaves. But better to watch weird and new ideas in movies than to watch a thousand standard Hollywood scripts.

“Sorry to Bother You” is unquestionably funny and to the point with its social critique of race and capitalism, leaning on a soulful cast that forms the backbone of what makes the film stand out. Not every scene or action made is meaningful in the long haul, but that fleetingness is in itself a poignant backdrop to the story of a protagonist trying to find meaning in his world.

A deliberately wild and unique critical look at contemporary America in the same vain as “Get Out,” but with veering comedy and a strange journey that is hard to place on the spectrum of artistic cinema. Uncomfortable and relevant, “Sorry to Bother You” will leave you bewildered and lingering, precisely as intended.

8.7/10 B+


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