“Crazy Rich Asians” Review

It is difficult for non-Asian people to full grasp how meaningful it is to see an entire Asian cast. The same can be said of similar diversity in films like “Black Panther.” Better representation in film can be a powerful cultural symbol.

Because of the diversity and consciousness of the cast and crew behind this movie, the cultural references are seamless backdrops weaving through the story rather than being displayed as cheap gimmicks. Instead of a film focused on “being Asian,” “Crazy Rich Asians” is a genuine and undeniably well produced film at every level because diversity is not a handicap or novelty, but a strength in differing perspective. “Crazy Rich Asians” affirms that, which yields progress for both film and culture.

In an especially well treaded genre of eye-rolling screen plays, poor acting, and half baked ideas, “Crazy Rich Asians” succeeds where others fail by serving a superbly charming cast and unique story.

8.8/10 B+

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