“Deadpool 2” Review

Ryan Reynolds’ true calling in life.

Here is my review for the first film: “Deadpool” Review 

The no-fucks attitude of Deadpool still allows its writers to careen wildly between references because nothing in this culture driven film is worried about criticism or not being taken seriously.

The pure novelty of “Deadpool” is something difficult to match, and for that reason “Deadpool 2” isn’t a better film than the first even though it hits all of the notes that one could hope for in a sequel. Being a quality sequel is impressive enough in this genre, and this does so in a way that didn’t exhaust the good graces of the material.

“Deadpool 2” still has a comic book style plot and story, and while it isn’t revolutionary as a narrative, its main purpose of being fun is much appreciated and on point. The uniqueness of Deadpool still makes for a good movie that bends obvious tropes into parody worth watching.

“Deadpool 2” manages to replicate the punk anti-hero energy of the first film while expanding on the character arc of “Deadpool” in a meaningful way. As a de facto Marvel comedy, “Deadpool” is still refreshing entertainment in the sea of Avengers films.


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