My time in Munich, Germany

Long day of travel from Frankfurt to Giessen and then Munich. We had a nice hostel room to ourselves, and walked around Munich for the evening. Stopped at St. Peter’s church, and then to the main downtown district, full of tourists and shopping. The New town hall, a really cool medieval looking building, and the large cathedral, which was under construction on its right dome tower.

We ate at the go-to historic beer hall founded in 1309 or some crazy long time ago. It was a huge structure with two floors and a large outdoor patio, plenty of staff in traditional clothing serving the house beer. Stellar food and beer.

The next day we walked to the palace and toured it’s extensive grounds. It turned out to be a lot farther of a walk than I anticipated, and so we decided to go rent bikes at the hostel to tour the rest of the city we wanted to see. It was a really fun way to get around, and we saw most of Munich’s “English Gardens”. Neat green space.

We would have spent another night in Munich, but we only booked one night at our hostel without knowing how much we wanted to do there. It had an unmistakeable Bavarian vibe that I think we could have spent several more days in. But the hostel filled up, and so were many other hostels within our price and distance. So we moved on from Munich.

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