My time in Frankfurt, Germany

Jet lag still sucks. Matt and I had a 7:30 AM final in evidence, and we immediately got picked up at the law school to go to O’Hare for a 3:50 flight to Frankfurt, with a connection in Dublin. In Frankfurt, Matt and I checked into our hostel not far from the rail station, and found an outdoor patio restaurant to grab some food. We walked around Frankfurt, making stops at the cathedral and a sort of “old town” middle age renovated section of the city. From here we went to the river, walking past the cleanup stages for the recently put on Iron Man competition, and up and across a rustic bridge, which had a cool view of the Frankfurt skyline and immediate area. On the other side of the river we walked past the museum district, but felt too jet lagged to dare to pay for entrance. So we walked backed to the hostel to relax. The Hostel had a full bar with absurdly cheap beer (2.50 for a bottle). The hostel grilled out on their patio area in the back alley for their barbecue night, and so we enjoyed our beers and burgers with Dan, an engineer at GM from Michigan, and an Aussie from Melbourne, who was a paramedic. We talked gun control (Australian was a big Jim Jeffries Jared), politics in general, and travel for hours.

The next day we met Steve at the Frankfurt airport, went from there to Giessen to drop off our bigger luggage with the school, and then made the 4 hours south to Munich.

My goal is to make my travel entries in my blog more concise this time around in Europe. I enjoyed my last time in Europe, and made my blogs essentially verbatim play by plays of everything we did and everywhere we went. I enjoyed these because it’s cool looking back to refresh myself on everything and everyone we met. But even though my travel entries are more like a personal journal rather than anything worth reading to anyone else, I want the guise of public appeal because my blog is public. I also want to make them more digestible and to the point, for my own sake looking back. The same will go for the pictures I decide to take and post. Quality over quantity.
Guten Tag

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