“Interstellar” Review

“Interstellar” is an epic three hour ride, and certainly a film I had to sit on for a few days thinking about. I Boil it down to “Gravity” but with a deeper conceptual base–Christopher Nolan style. Half dystopian future and half space odyssey, an A-list cast (Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Mackenzie Foy, and David Lithgow) and high production values ensure a great work from the get-go.

The best thing Christopher Nolan does is touch on the great human spirit of exploration. There is a deliberate connection between the quasi-apocalypse earth of the setting of the film and the middle 1930’s in American history. We manage through the disparaging times around the Great Depression to just thirty some odd years later landing a man on the moon, and in the process furthering science to help propel the advanced world we live in today. If there was ever a media piece to make the case for funding NASA and the sciences, it is this film.

Through the space travel there is some really dense scientific theory. It forces you to think deeply about reality and time, much like “Inception” did. But “Interstellar” at some point loses its ability to piece everything neatly together. Absolutely everything is fascinatingly mind bending in its’ processes, but the other worldly ambitions of the film make the climax less tangible for any audience, as creative as they might be. Much like the universe they travel in, these imaginative ideas are central to the film but remain largely unexplored.

For a film that relies on by the book science to deliver its hard points,this matters. However, “Interstellar” still makes for a fantastic movie experience that has little else to be griped about, and is definitely worth the watch.


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