“Gravity” Review

Simplicity never looked so good.

“Gravity” is a film as straightforward and focused as its’ title, with a single camera focus throughout on the main character, Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock). It’s doubtful this would have worked in any other setting besides the vacuum of space, since this cinematography works for the film in depicting the incredible and vast emptiness, showing life in its most inhospitable and fragile state.

While all of those thoughts might induce severe anxiety, the counter measure is Matt Kowalski (George Clooney), a character who amid the chaos of the film, finds the time to ponder on the beauty of the world below him in the silent cadence. In every capacity, Clooney delivers a fantastic supporting role that provides “Gravity” with the critical dialogue.

The truth is that very little actually happens, or is said in “Gravity”. Rather than trying to fill the void with a lot of dialogue, unnecessary story, excessive effects, or dynamism, the film is a bare-bones work that exploits the lack of material by making excellent use of what does exist in the brief and intense survival story of Ryan Stone.

“Gravity” is a truly one of a kind film that will unlikely be replicated in raw quality anytime soon.


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