“Project Power” Review

Project Power is a visually impressive piece with lots of interesting cinematography and well cut action sequences. Despite its visual strengths, an unfortunate lack of other essential elements keeps “Project Power” from being better than above a B-list movie. Even enlisting all star talent like Joseph Gordon Levitt and Jaimie Fox is squandered with their characters being chronically underdeveloped tropes. Their physical actions and swagger are consistently better than their dialogue which firmly stays in cliché territory.

Robin, a troubled kid caught up in all the mess, played by Dominique Fishback, is the more interesting performance holding both Gordon Levitt and Fox together, but her presence and story seem like a secondary tension with the broader unfolding drama.

For a two hour runtime, “Project Power” doesn’t ever seem to get a firm grasp on a coherent story. The antagonists never stray beyond forgettable dopey bond villain territory, and their plans of quasi-world domination aren’t clear or clever. A lack of obvious motivation and origin give a hollow feeling to the story that quickly dissipates interest in the central premises.

Halfway through “Power Project,” it becomes clear that this was a less than fully baked idea, but given the full weight of a Netflix production budget. The visual strength of the film pulls it across the finish line, but isn’t enough to make an audience overlook the weak writing, plot, dialogue, and anemic characters.


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