“Knives Out” Review

It is ubiquitous among any written reception of “Knives Out” to point out that what makes the film particularly effective is that it subverts the genre of murder mystery’s tropes, playing on audience assumptions to misdirect and exceed expectations. Director Rian Johnson manages that and more with a finely sharpened script, leading his viewers along with false conceptions and premises.

By shifting the core narrative point of view and drive of its characters, “Knives Out” uses the who-dun-it veneer to weave an increasingly more interesting and downright comical film that distributes its intrigue expertly and evenly.

“Knives Out” is a satisfying blend of back stabbing character drama and comedy, perfectly punctuated by the strong personalities of a stellar cast, including Ana de Armas and Chris Evans, among many others, not to mention one of Daniel Craig’s finest performances. “Knives Out” is an absolute joy, and one of the most recommendable movies of the year.


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