Blink-182’s “Nine” Review

Blink-182’s ability to make addictive songs endures and then some with their ninth studio album. Fans of the group will have a difficult time discerning which songs they like best in “Nine” because of considerable track diversity, with great replayability for front-to-back play throughs.

2016’s “California” signaled a well-received reentry for the newly reformed trio with Matt Skiba, complete with new energy and style, but “Nine” feels like the band finding a firmer footing for the better. While Blink has a different lyrical edge than when co-led by Tom DeLonge, “Nine” represents the most polished, consistent, and experimental growth in sound since their Untitled album. An unexpectedly strong followup to “California,” Blink demands the world know it is still hungry for the music scene, and deservedly so.

Top Songs that Slap the Hardest:

  1. Pin the Grenade
  2. Ransom
  3. Run Away
  4. The First Time



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