“Captain Marvel” Review

“Captain Marvel” threads sobering themes with the quirky, dry humor of Brie Larson and Sam Jackson to great fanfare. Concerns after the confused and troll fueled buzz prior to release are assuanged and then some, as Marvel spared no expense in making it’s long overdue, and only, female led stand-alone movie in its billion dollar franchise, an important milestone akin to “Black Panther”‘s entry.

The importance of Captain Marvel herself is magnified by the back story laid in the previous avengers film; teased as a game changer, and now shown as a catalyst for aspects of the Marvel Universe, the weight of Captain Marvel is instilled on the audience in a way to distinguish her from other, more innocently trivial hero entries.

While in the general par for the series, Marvel’s answer to “Wonder Woman” exceeds expectations and meaningfully focalizes the franchise canon, delivering a good final piece to the series before the anticipated finale of “Avengers: Endgame.”


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