The Solution to Everything: An Ode to Tax Cuts

Dear Mr. [Insert Generic Republican™], shall we pay for the endless wars?
Perhaps healthcare and aid to the poor?
Or are we faux Christians, Ayn Rand the true Queen?
We do gobble her capitalist fantasies with glee.
Because why pay for the cake when we can eat it too?
The rich piss enough to trickle to those with no food.
I’m told our children’s schools crumble to rot.
Government funds build infrastructure? Certainly not!
Why resist racists when we have a puppet in the pulpit?
Shrug to nuclear winds that he’s maddeningly unfit.
Deficits and ethics don’t matter if we’re in control.
Since pleasing donors is the unsubtle goal.
Why rebuff Russia when they push for our side?
Why not let our Puerto Rican citizens die?
Why do anything as a people, a country, a nation?
Since our only principle dictates greed as salvation.
For we are conservatives, the Republican Party:
Come for the tax cuts, stay for the decay of society.

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