“Baby Driver” Review

If you only see one movie this summer, it should be this.

“Baby Driver” is great proof that familiar tropes like bank robbing and criminal enterprise can be innovated with the right combination of other cinematic ingredients. The concept of the “getaway driver” is reimagined in a way all at once hysterical, exhilarating, and tragic.  The almost Tarantino-esque dialogue raises value by presenting a dynamic, multi-polar cast, each differently motivated and each differently unhinged. There is no weak link or low point dragging the rest of the film behind. Simple and elegant, yet edgy and focused, “Baby Driver” knows exactly what it wants to do and be at all times without extra baggage.

Original and well written, “Baby Driver” is a near masterpiece of production and cinematography, showcasing an unwavering dedication to weaving a killer soundtrack throughout its story and characters. Incredible attention to detail in both script and character development push an unyielding intensity into every minute of runtime that shows a rare, authentic creativity that most summer blockbusters can’t even pretend to mimic.


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