I have never been a fan of Keanu Reeves. “The Matrix” is fine. “Bill and Ted” is funny. But Keanu Reeves is a fairly average actor, in my opinion. That’s what made “John Wick” such a pleasant surprise. He has the perfect blend of personality to play the legendary figure whose vindictive purpose is so mind bogglingly simple, its brilliant. It’s fun, it’s awesome choreography, and it’s wonderfully original. This is the perfect formula for a one hit wonder. It is for this reason that I was incredibly skeptical of a second film. What, is his puppy going to get killed again?

“John Wick: Chapter 2” lands as nothing short of a revolution in action film. Buffered by finely tuned lore, an excellent cast, and smart writing, Chapter 2 is an impressive achievement exceeding the originality of the first film. Unburdened by clichĂ© predictability, it breaks the conventional wisdom that sequel films in the genre are cynical cash schemes geared towards a dumbed audience. Not since the original Bourne series has a story been so well crafted and thought out. John Wick has set a high bar in like minded films going forward, and left me craving another dozen mindless gun battles and karate fights.