My time in Prague, Czech Republic

Rolling into Prague from Budapest I was dead. 7 hours on a train does terrible things to the soul. So I let Matt and Steve direct us via the metro to our hostel.
We ate at a restaurant that we found out later was really good authentic Czech food. We found out really quickly that the Czech Crown was also a very cheap currency compared to the dollar, and so virtually everything we bought was cheap.
We finished the night at a bar recommended by Rick Steve’s for its fantastic beer and food.
Day 1
The First day we took our time getting up and eating breakfast at the hostel because of the exhausting previous day. It was the nicest day for weather, so we hiked across the river and through the historic district with a lot of Italian influence which surrounded the massive hill that the Prague castle sits on. We toured the great cathedral that sits within the main confines of the castle, the castle itself, and a couple of museums as well showing the history of the castle, the Hapsburg rulers which lived there, and some aspects of Czech military history.
We moved down the hill and across the St. Charles bridge, one of the more famous landmarks in the city, and then back to the hostel to recoup for a couple hours before a wine tasting put on by the hostel, followed by a dinner with Steve’s friend, whom he had met working a fish processing gig in Alaska, and her boyfriend. The steak house was recommended by them as one of the best places to eat in the city. Definitely the best steak I’ve ever had.
We went out to some bars after that to look for some of the people we met at the hostel, and I called it a night earlier than Matt and Steve did.
Day 2.
Raining, walked through old town square, saw astrological clock, and went to see Slav epic, beer tasting with hostel.
Day 3. Lunch at restaurant with hostel friends, Nuclear bunker tour, cool bar.

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