“La La Land” Review

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone present a captivating romance in a world where their characters are simaltaneously trying to make something of themselves. Refreshingly structured with the chemistry of the two as a base of the story rather than entire purpose of the story, “La La Land” proves itself to be realism driven art rather than a lazily written rom com.

“La La Land” is a triumph of Hollywood nostalgia basked in jazz and theater reverence. It consistently flows with creativity, perfected cinematography, and orgininality. It’s hard to find an example of film of this genre so consistently good and with as satisfying  a payoff. “La La Land” is enjoyable and bittersweet, a true oscar worthy movie that bucks cliches in favor of making its own headwinds.


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  1. I had two big issues with your review. First, you did not mention the incessant playing of the same tune over and over and over and over again. Like, can Ryan Gossling not play any other notes?!? Also, it is not a love story in the true sense as the titular characters, geez i love the word titular, do not end up in love and Emma Stone is married to another man. Also, the timing is fairly warped at the end as the last scene is set 4 years after the majority of the movie. SO, YOU ARE TELLING ME THAT IN FOUR YEARS EMMA STONE HAS GONE FROM A NOBODY TO A HUGE MOVIE ACTOR, GOTTEN MARRIED, AND HAS A 6 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER. I do not have to explain time to a sophisticated man such as yourself, but I for one am calling bullshit. This movie made me feel exactly like a quote from one of my favorite movies ever: “Walter, I have had a long day, and i fucking hate the Eagles.” Anyways, thanks for the review AJ!

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