“Jurassic World” Review

By now if you don’t understand the formula for how all jurassic park movies go, you’re behind the curve. Your optimism for something  ground breaking for the movie series should definetly be tempered going in. The first film is a masterpiece in special effects, and characters, especially for the time period, and the ones that followed are merely tag along pieces that are simply pure fun.

What I think is the most enjoyable aspect of “Jurassic World” is that it takes the idea of the first film–a theme park–and actually creates it, complete with teenagers and obese men running security and dinosaur rides casually like its just another day job. It is precisely as John Hammond would have had things.

What lacks in this addition is any fresh meat (haha) to add to the franchise in the way of plot or characters. Chris Pratt is easily the only charcter of note in this film. The most entertaining parts are his quasi-taming-through respect of raptors. The lead actress as his romantic counerpart, Bryce Dallas Howard, does a fine job, but aside from her finding some courage to have a t-rex follow her, she lacks strong characterization, which isn’t necessarily a problem when the whole point is dinosaurs eating stuff.

The usual injection of young kids just trying to have a good time predictably goes horribly wrong, only this time one of the kids is a teenager who cant stop staring at girls, and the other is a whinier than usual younger brother, complete with an irrelevant “our parents are getting divorced” drama to them.

The corporate bad guys from ingen are cheesier than ever, with an almost unbelievable lack of brains and naive power complex about the use of dinosaurs for military use. Bringing back the original Jurassic Park scientist for this film was a nice throwback touch, however.

“Jurassic World” is a mostly predictable film, with little that really stands out as extraordinary. Dinosaurs get loose, theres some fun chase seqeunces, a couple new dinosaurs, etc. Is it still fun as hell? Absolutely.


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