“Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” Review


I would try to regurgitate the best of Anchorman 2 for you, but it would be in vain. If there’s one thing Ron Burgundy can teach about film, it’s that a comedy can have a story so outrageous and incoherent and yet it absolutely does not matter.

The formula to Anchorman is launching so much material at the audience that it does not have time to be dissatisfied with any weak one liner for more than a few seconds, which there are plenty of such moments. But this low-level buzz throughout makes the better material stand out. Aside from Will Ferrell, Steve Carell stands out as one of the funnier roles and as definitely one of the weirdest characters I’ve ever seen. The high point of the film by far is the battle royal that was repeated from the first film. It’s packed with so many cameos and fast paced randomness that it alone made up for the many pointless developments throughout.

The intense satire directed at CNN and the farce that 24 hour news media is well received and much appreciated.

“Anchorman 2” is unrelentingly self-aware and over the top bizarre/awkward, as is to be expected with the Burgundy persona, but it gets to be a little much after 2 hours. There is only so much of this irony that should be packed onto the screen at once. I give Ferrell and the rest of the funny cast he’s with the benefit of the doubt for creating a movie as silly and weird as “Anchorman 2” is. There is no point in understanding this as anything but a Monty Python-like collaboration of off the cuff jokes and really random one liners. So good job guys, you made a fairly humorous sequel. Just don’t do it again.

“Is that the ghost of Stonewall Jackson?!”


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