Letter from the Editor

Hello students new and old, faithful readers, and casual consumers alike.  The Flip side is a 1st amendment publication that offers perspective and scope. There is no central topic or bias in selecting what gets printed into these pages. As you will see in this issue and those that follow, we take poetry and short stories, political editorials and cultural rants, creative writing and illustrations. We allow for one article per person per issue (1,500 words), as well as one poem, haiku, or illustration/photograph depending on the size, per issue. Give us your name, stick to the rules of the 1st amendment, and it will be printed. We value and crave all perspectives.

I want reading and writing to make a comeback for this generation. There isn’t a single career that isn’t in sore need of creative and thoughtful writing or the ability to consume a variety of material. We are an outlet to exercise those skills for the mainstream and everything in between.

The Flip side is what the student body makes of it. The content can and will be as offensive, stupid, or brilliant as our readership sees fit. We satisfy more literary taste as we get more submissions, and that increases readership and discussion. That is the ultimate goal of The Flip side.

Have a fantastic year, and welcome back to Eau Claire. I look forward to the great things The Flip side will have filling its pages.

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