“The World’s End” Review

“This is The End” has officially been one upped for the title of the year’s funniest film. “The World’s End” has many of the same elements: the satire, the renowned cast, and the parody of other awful films.

But what this comedy has that most lack is purpose– a clear drive that has a well paced variety of material that never rests. Fans of “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz” will be delighted by every minute, while everyone else should be only a few steps behind in the epic bar trekking journey. Though technically a trilogy produced by Edgar Wright, the other films have little relevance to each other besides similar structure and style.

Simon Pegg and company are even able to make light of somber subjects because of the over the top direction of events, which works very well, and like”Shaun of the Dead”, they are able to throw in their sarcastic commentary of society and their generation without making a soap out of it. These actors and writers are the modern day products of British humor and the Monty Python crew. If you find yourself not laughing frequently at the silliness, you are doing it wrong.

The last 5 minutes are an appropriately bizarre escalation even in comparison to the rest of the film. If anything, the apocalypse is precisely where people like Gary King thrive.

And he never got that last drink.


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