“Monsters University” Review

The true miracle of “Monsters University” is how much is doesn’t completely suck. For my generation, there was an untold number of very original and entertaining cartoons and animated films like “Monsters Inc.” These cartoons and movies were such great money makers that these big studios started churning out these blockbuster geared films like hot cakes. Over time this degrades the quality and originality which made them entertaining for kids as well as the adults that are pulled into them. You begin seeing things like “Shrek 3” and suddenly your perception of the animated world is crumbling.

“Monsters University” is not the greatest animated movie ever made. But for a prequel, it is funny and fresh enough to warrant the zillions of dollars it will be making this summer.

This prequel happened because of the good chemistry that John Goodman and Billy Crystal can pull off as comedians. Animation mostly ignores the need for good quality acting and instead leans on good speaking voices from well established figures such as these. A lot of the humor in “Monsters University” is about college, which obviously anyone under 10 will not get. It is a fusion of the many fraternity/sorority competition movies put into animated form, and this is the subtle Easter egg entertaining adults so that they don’t wish they had a noose as I suspect my Dad did when he saw “Veggie Tales” with my sister years ago.

It’s hard to put a value on these films, since the hard work of filming is entirely CGI based. As far as I’m concerned, if a Pixar or Disney movie doesn’t make you wish you were blind, then it deserves props.


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