“Skyfall” Review

I think what makes most James Bond films successful is the legacy that the Bond movies have as one of the longest continuing film series. Taking any bond film by itself, you might conclude there isn’t much to claim masterpiece quality. But it’s like watching your favorite TV show, something that’s been on for years. The legacy factor of 007 in American culture gives each film an added kick that puts it above similar single action films.

Although “Casino Royale” with Daniel Craig might be my favorite bond film, “Skyfall” is a strong competitor.

“Skyfall” is all about the old-fashioned. This Daniel Craig film starts tying to the classic elements of the earlier Bond series, and dives into the depths of Bond’s motives and early life, Skyfall being his childhood home in Scotland. Bond is aging, and after being a casualty of a bad call by MI6, his skills and credibility as an agent are under scrutiny. This can be summed up with the best line of the movie, Bond’s self-declared hobby as “resurrection”. Two classic characters are brought into the film, Q, the now youthful gadget maker, and Eve Moneypenny, who in the older films is M’s secretary. This is the first modern Bond that does not have a strong romantic character companion like he has had in “Casino Royale” and “Quantum Solace”, but in the old school Bond style spirit has a couple short flings.

By far, “Skyfall” is the most adventurous of the Craig films. More adrenaline packed action is in this film than the previous 2 films, taking place in 4 or 5 different countries with numerous chase and fight scenes. The entire story is very well put together, particularly the opening sequences, with a more compelling drive than the usual in the saga. There is plenty of the wry and dark humor we’ve come to expect from the series as well. While there are some quirky points in the plot with the villain that remind me of “Law Abiding Citizen”, its nothing that should distract you from the mind-blowing nature the rest of the film has. The conclusion brings a more definitive transformation to Bond and the series, as should be with the events that span. I’m excited for the next chapter of 007.

I give it a 9.1 out of 10

P.S. THE Wolf Blitzer appears in this film.

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